Vinyl stores at Seattle? thanks

hi, folks,
I may travel thru Seattle during summer,and I am wonder is there any fine records stores at city of Seattle? would you pl provide addresss or phone #?
I don't know of any specifically, the University area
used to have a few, other than that, there's always the
phone book.
Now, if you can spend 1 day to go over to Spokane, I will
show you one where you can get 'em for a couple bucks each
in new shape.
I agree Pelv, there are a few record stores in my hometown, Spokane, that offer records in VG+ condition for as little as $2.00. (Just don't expect to find any good jazz).

Regarding Seattle, check the yellow pages at your local library in the Seattle phone book. Visit Buds' Jazz Records downtown, as well as the several stores in the University district (by U of W). You can purchase a Seattle area map at your local AAA, if you aren't already a member and recieve it for free, and map out your search.

Good luck!
I live in Seattle, and wish there were better) vinyl outlets here. Here's a partial list of stores that carry vinyl LP's (mostly used, but some new):
1. Golden Oldies (which has 5 stores);
2. 2nd Time Around (1 store in University District);
3. Filippi Book & Record Store (1 store);
4. Cranium's Cool Collectibles (;
5. Bop Street Record & CD Exchange (1 store in Ballard area);
6. Soundwaves (located in Burien, a suburb about 10 miles south of downtown Seattle);
7. Repeat the Beat (
8. Rubato Records (located in Bellevue, just east of Seattle);
9. Ruby Records (on Roosevelt, north of University District);
10. Bud's Jazz Records (downtown Seattle, in the Pioneer Square area).

Golden Oldies will take requests for LP's, and notify you when they locate the disk you want.

Good shopping, and enjoy your visit to Seattle.
Rubato has moved from Bellevue to West Seattle. They're currently across the street from Easy Street which also has used vinyl.
I should also have included Tower Records on my list above. Tower is located on Mercer Street, near the Seattle Center. It carries a small selection of LP's -- but not enough to make a special trip unless you are also planning to shop for CD's.
Hi, dear folks,
thank you for all the nice info!


PS Mr. Sdcampbell,

mianly I listen to classical and jazz, any specific store I must visit in Seattle?
I was a Bud's recently and the place is a hole. I think Bud is retiring and the stock has already been picked over. Lots of junky 70s "jazz", "digital" vinyl that belongs in a thrift shop not a record shop. Not worth a special trip but the neighborhood is cool and a true vinyl junkie will disregard my post anyhow figuring that they will unearth some treasure that everyone else missed. You have been warned.
Drive up to Vancouver, Canada and take advantage of the Canadian peso. One of the finest vinyl emporiums that I have ever been to is there, Noize in downtown Vancouver. Small shop but Phil only stalks quality merchandise. No junk and most items are under $10 CDN so that about six bucks in real money. Stuff that some guys would charge 20 and 30 bucks for can be had cheap. Just a suggestion if you are in the area.
Like Columbo used to say...just one more thing...there is also a great record store up in Bellingham, ThreeV on State Street. Lots of jazz and reasonable prices. The owner loves to haggle and is very fair. Bring cash.
dear Ntscdan,
thank you for the nice input. As a matter of fact, I will visit Vancouver too.
do you think Vancouver have more Lps stores than Seattle?
do you think Candian Pressing LP is as good as American? such as RCA shaded dog? or Jazz lps?
pl comment on the pressing quality if you are able.....
thanks a bunch

Hi Tim...I think Vancouver probably has as many vinyl emporiums as for the pressings, you can find just as many US pressings as Canadian ones...I think the Canuck ones are just as good, for example I have both versions of a lot of Ray Charles LPs and can't tell the difference with my VPI TNT/ARC REf system...some US might be better, sometimes the Canadian might be a little better if you want to split hairs but overall I wouldn't worry. You can also find lots of Japanese and British is BRITISH Columbia after all. Plus if you are looking for new stuff, Vancouver is the cheapest place on the planet to purchase new vinyl and CD' kidding! Check out Virgin in downtown Vancouver, HUGE selection of vinyl, lots of jazz reissues from $13 CDN! Don't miss out on Phil at Noize, but there is also a place around the corner from him that is pretty decent, they all have a brochure that lists every place in Vancouver with addresses etc. Happy hunting!
thanks, Ntscdan. I am in the Vancouver now!!
The Temp is around 55-68, very nice and cool weather here.
I will visit Noize within a few days.
happy summer break.