Vinyl shops in Lexington KY.?

Going to be in Lexington for a few days next month. Any places I should hit while I am there?
Thanks for any info.
After checking your system page I suggest you check out the Thiel factory while there, if you haven't already. A few years ago I was in Lexington and stopped in for a set of spikes for my Thiel 1.5s. They showed me around the place and gave me the spikes for free. Wonderful people.
Thats acually the main reason I am going. i have been emailing back and forth for so long thought it would be nice to go in and listen to some music and meet everybody.
Gary is giving us the tour on the friday morning we are there. They are really great people.
My wife is doing an onsight of a resort a few miles from Thiel so I am tagging along. Should be fun, high rolling at the resort and hanging out at Thiel. ;) I would also like to check out any vinyl I can come across.
What a coincidence. I have accompanied my wife on several business trips as she visits resorts. Been all over Colorado, down to Orlando, Myrtle Beach and Virginia with her. I only rarely check audio haunts though.
I dont get to make to many trips with her. The ones I do make are the ones with the most used vinyl shops. i scope them out and UPS the records home.
I can't help you with Lexington, but let me know if you plan on coming over to Louisville during your stay here. It is about 70 miles and a straight shot from Lexington on Rt 64 through some beautiful horse country.

We have several good vinyl shops in Louisville, all within a couple of miles of each other in the Bardstown Road area. I can email you names and directions. There are also some good boutiques, restaurants, etc. if you wife joins you.


Dave Neumann
Thanks Dave! I have sent you an email.