Vinyl selections from Band Camp that were cool.

I like Bandcamp the way that the artists seem like they are able to directly deal with their customers. I will look and see which releases are available on vinyl and listen to the excerpts on-line which gives me an idea of what the record is like.

Recently I picked up DGelting Volume 1 and I now have Volume 2 on the way. He self produces his record and plays most of the instruments with upright bass being his primary instrument. I found the double album to be very well done. It sort of reminded me of an upright bass player’s interpretation of Eno’s Music For Airports.

The other artist I tried is Micheal _______ and his album Tin Can Alley and another one about Trilobites. I am at a loss presently because I am at work but both of these albums are excellent. These reminded me a bit of instrumental Jethro Tull.

What excellent Bandcamp records have you picked up that you could recommend to us audiophiles out there?


Too many to list but here’s a few. Big fan of Bandcamp and they’re still doing Bandcamp Friday’s the first of the month. More royalties for the artists. 

Matthias Lindermayr - Triptych

Nala Sinephro - Space 1.8

Maria Chaira Argiro - Forest City

DoomCannon - Renaissance 

Mat Ball - Amplified Guitar 

Joanna Queiroz - Tempo So Tempo

Yaya Bey - Remember Your North Star

Madison Cunningham - Revealer

I wish this post had generated more interest. I’ve been thinking about this in relation to some of the ‘VC’ videos I watch on YouTube. I love all the old music but so many people showing the same albums over and over. I gravitate to the channels that show me bands I’ve never heard of. And I always thought a good segment would be to show me your blind buys on Bandcamp. Like you I sample snippets and then take the plunge and hope for the best. But when you score you just can’t beat that joyous, ear to ear smile moment. I’m guessing that maybe on this forum there’s more new music discovery via streaming service’s. As long as folks are out there discovering new music who cares how they do it but for now I consider Bandcamp an essential resource. So easy to get music from other countries. Best of luck with your future discoveries. 

Thanks @lmnop . I looked up the selections you listed. I may buy a few of them. The vinyl does tend to sell out.

@Masi61. I looked up your library on Bandcamp. You can do the same for me. Just search using my acronym. Since the pandemic started I’ve really gotten into electronic/ambient/experimental music. Seems like that’s right up your alley. Looking forward to checking out more of your selections.