Vinyl sales up 36%

Well,well,well not to quote John Lennon,but it seems the Lp record is making a comeback. Sales of CD's has dropped at a time when Vinyl sales are rising. Now if they could only get the quality control issue dealt with they might have something here.
Low base number to measure growth from and downloads are killing CD not LP.
that's 36% people.
In the grand scheme of things something up from nothing is still nothing.
In the grand scheme of things something up from nothing is still nothing.
Is that you Billy Preston?
There's a January 10, 2008 Time magazine article about the resurgence of vinyl that has the 2007 numbers.

According to Nielsen SoundScan, of total album sales for 2007:
vinyl makes up about 0.2%
digital downloads are 10%
cds are 89.7%

The 0.2% equals 990,000 vinyl albums sold in 2007, up 15.4% from 858,000 units sold in 2006.
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Are these numbers are for sales of new lp's only?

If you add in the sales from e-bay and second hand stores, I would
like to see those results.
Not sure,saw an article in paper and then a few nights later a news story on local station in Los Angeles. Both used the 36% rise.

Yup it's me.
Here's the quote about the 36%
It refers to LPs shipped rather than LPs sold:

According to the Recording Industry Association of America, manufacturers' shipments of LPs jumped more than 36 percent from 2006 to 2007 to more than 1.3 million. Shipments of CDs dropped more than 17 percent during the same period to 511 million, as they lost some ground to digital formats.
I was in my local BestBuy this weekend in Manhattan, and was very surprised to see a dedicated record display for the new release of Coldplay's Viva La Vida on record! The display was completely empty save 1 copy left. The sign said $9.99,

I paid around $18 for it from, which turned out to be scratched along with several pops in playback. Amazon is going to refund me the full price, but cannot replace it:

I'm sorry to hear about this situation. Usually, I'd be able to create a replacement order that would be shipped to you as soon as possible at no additional charge. Unfortunately, I can't do that in this case because the item is now unavailable from our supplier.

If you return the item, we will refund you in full, including associated shipping costs. If the item was part of a set, please return the entire set.

I suspect that the first pressing is junk, maybe they will get it right on the second pressing?