Vinyl Repair?

Last night my wife was putting on our near mint condition original Tusk pressing and proceeded to drop it. In the process of catching it, she put a pretty good gouge into the first 2 songs, resulting in healthy pops I'd like to eliminate if possible. I’ve checked out a couple of YouTube vids on how to fix, but figured I’d trust people here to truly know. Seems like my options are 1) Put weight on needle and hope that somehow regrooves it (also seems like no one here is going to advocate for using your stylus in this manner) 2) the toothpick trick which seems to get good reviews and 3) some sort of 1500 grit sandpaper which seems insane.

Any advice pre divorce?


I could loan you my SAE 5000 Impulse Noise Reduction System unit for one last listen before you trash the record with any repair attempt. 😊

I haven't seen or heard of any of those Youtube D.I.Y. vinyl fixes. However, all of those sound insane! Buy a new LP, if possible. If not, do you know anyone with a SweetVynyl SugarCube?

$25 on Discogs for a NM/M- original pressing copy.  This is the only way to get rid of the deep scratch.  You can get a copy for $5 too, but a NM/M- condition of quality will be the correct satisfaction for replacing your NM copy.  

That's what I would do so it's just my opinion.  Good luck to you.  I hope that you are enjoying a quality replacement within a week.