Vinyl reissues

Do vinyl reissues sound the same as the originals?
the honest and confusing answer is sometimes 'the original' doesn't even sound like 'the original'....sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. in either case that can be a 'good' or 'bad' thing. most of us with our 'original vintage ears', don't let it bother us though....we just love lp's.
I'll add to jaybo's confusion :) sometimes reissues are better, just different, and then worse.

it just depends, guess that's part of the fun

do you have some specific reissues in mind?
No, they don't. Some reissues sound better, some sound worse, but so far I
haven't found a reissue sound the same as the original first pressing.
A reissue that sounds as good or better than an original pressing, in my considerable experience, is quite rare.
I'm with Doak.
What about the Music Matters Blue Note reissues and the Analogue Productions Impulse reissues? They sure as hell go for a lot of money ($50). Are they worth the dosh? I have not purchased any. Curious to know what folks think.
cmalak, I have purchased all the music matters and the first 3 AP Impulse 45 reissues.

I can not compare these to orginal pressings. So in this context, some of the music matters are simply stunning. Some are ok. None are bad. I am a little disspointed sound quality wise on the first 3 impulse's. I guess for $50, I hoped for stunning vs merely good.

The 4 Classic Clarity Vinyl reissues are very very good that I bought. I have 3 more on order.
Different take: it's the money!
If I can't afford an original 10" Blue note (try $200 plus each for a 'nearly' clean one) I will buy the reissue. The quality of the sound has no bearing on it.. it is just the money. (For the same resaon I have a LOT of Jazz on CD. It is hard to find some stuff on LP) I have hundreds of Jazz reissues because I could never afford the originals. As for Rock, most of the originals are available a lower prices than a reissue. For some that are not, I will buy the reissue ((Captain Beefheart is a good example: "Doc at the Radar Station" would cost as much used (for a not-so-pristine copy)as a new one.. if you could even FIND a used one!))
As LPs become 'all the rage' the supply of used (especially 'classic Rock") is disappearing. Thank Goodness I have most of what I want, and still live in an area with a bunch of decent used LP stores.
Classical music is a different beast altogether, and very very few reissues exist. Classical music has become a desert wilderness IMO.
Age and condition of master tape determines the outcome. With age most tapes deteriorate and the hall ambience is the first thing that is lost. Most reissues have fuller bass, better dynamics but the loss of ambience can make the original pressing preferable.
Yes. They will not sound the same as the originals. Different engineers & better equipment. They are getting more info from the source tapes and are being able to transfer that info to the master lacquer. These improvements change the sound quality for good or bad enough that they will not sound the same. Don't forget even though it does not seem it all the time, better quality control and a lot less pressings (2,000,000 or more to now 10,000) will also change the sound.

We also hear differences in the original releases. Records pressed from the first pressing sound differant than from say the 5th pressing of the same record pressed by the same company back in the day. Pressings also differ from country to country. Why pay more for a British release of a Beatles album if it sounded the same as an American release or why even want one for that matter. I think all records other than original first pressing from the country of origin ARE reissues and sound different. That's why people pay more money for an original pressing than even a second pressing of the same album - again, they sound different. IMHO.
I have NEVER heard a reissue that was better than a original, except for London records. London went to a much better cutting head in the early 70s and they reissued many earlier recordings with much better results.

As for the high priced 180gram current batch.I have heard a couple.One was so compressed by comparison to the original that it was embarrassing when the original was played next to it.My original was $15.00 off Ebay, the reissue was $50.00.

"....I have NEVER heard a reissue that was better than a original..."

I would encourage you to give a listen to the 45rpm reissue of Jennifer Warnes "Famous Blue Raincoat" and see if that sentiment still holds up.
Tim, in fact that is the exact record that makes my point.I have a friend that heard it on a big time Dartzeel system and he was amazed at how bad it was in comparison.

sorry if you own that. I have not heard it first hand, but my friend (who has a very revealing system) says that he (and the owner)were amazed at the lack of engagement,dynamics,soundstage, and sound floor. Also,this is a expensive reissue.

Then something was seriously wrong with the system your friend was listening to.
...he was amazed at how bad it was in comparison
I don't think so. Dartzeel amp and pre. The new Ortofon OB40 MC on a table I have never heard of.
This is a truly a "money no object" system in a room built specifically for 2 channel listenings including acoustic treatment and dedicated electricity.

Have you heard a original pressing?

Yes, I have an original pressing, and yes, the 45 rpm reissue is vastly better.
Emorrisiv - Don't be sorry for me owning FBR, you should feel sorry for your friend for having a "money no object" system that appears, by your friend's own description, incapable of showing the engagement, dynamics, soundstage and sound floor that this reissue delivers in magnificent fashion.

And too, I would be far more interested in your opinions of this had you actually heard any of which you speak.
Tim, I will get back with first hand listening soon.

I never said anything about being sorry for you.
I didn't mean to sound disrespectful.I only typed that I have not heard a reissue that was better than the original.
The FBR is such a great piece that it can stir emotions.I am sure your copy is excellent. I own several reissues,most of them are MoFi half speeds from the golden age and most of them are disappointing.They get some things right and miss in others that are more important.

The one thing I need to also say about reissues: thank god that they are making them!
It makes these albums that much easier to find.This is particularly true for those who are new to vinyl.

happy Christmas

It is true a well recorded original usually will sound alive more so then the dead sounding efforts behind many of these reissues of today.
To add to this decline in quality the vinyl itself seams flawed. Materials ,process, lack of knowledge? How many plays will your $50.00 reissue stand up to before it degrades even more?
Emorrisiv agree about the Mobile Fidelity half speeds,the power of advertising convinced the deaf other wise.
I think if we were to eliminate the word "Audiophile" the prices of these reissues would be more reasonable.$50.00 for ANY record is nuts! Can you imagine the poor guy operating the stamper;while each pressing comes off he says to himself,$50.00,$50.00,$50,00. Then goes home with $50.00 after working all day.

Happy Christmas

Short answer: No
Hi, Of course there are no short anwsers and speaking for myself I would simply not buy them.