Vinyl Reference vs K&K Maxxed-Out Phono Pre

This will be very unlikley, but has anyone here had chance to compare following phono preamp?

Art Audio Vintl Reference
K&K Audio Maxxed Out Phono Pre

The reason I ask this is due to similarity of internal components used. Obvious difference is number of tubes used. Besides that I cannot tell the difference from my untrained eyes.

Does anyone here own the Maxxed-Out Phono Pre? If so, what is your impression?

Have Fun,
I do'nt have the maxxed out K&k, but the unit available when I purchased from Kevin 3 years ago. I can highly recommend it. It followed a number of stages I had purchased and found unsatisfactory and I subsequently had a phono stage shoot out at my home.

The stages, including the shootout included:
Clearaudio reference
Tom Evans microgroove +
Whest 20
Trichord Diabolo
I found the K&K significantly better than all of these. There has been discussion on other threads, about how close the K&K and Vinyl Reference are. The circuit design is similar, not the same and the tube compliment, different, of course.

The K&K is excellent value and I certainly have no plans to change it. It is also, of course, less than half the price, unless that has changed recently.