Vinyl records

Hello vinyl collectors and music lovers. I have a question about the quality of Canadian press vinyl record. They usually go for sale for a almost half of the price of US and UK production. Are they so bad in quality because I just bought used Savatage “Power of the night“ Canadian press record in immaculate condition and compared with the one I had French press, south very good if’s not even better.I tried to find something in internet but not really much, does anyone have more knowledge about world vinyl records producers? Thank you to all music hobbies! 
Vinyl is hit and miss. MoFi is known for high quality, but also produced the worst quality pressing with the most returns in Acoustic Sounds history. Some pressings are near dead silent, but the sound quality is stepped on and sucks. Some pressings are unimaginably good sound quality, but with a lot of surface noise. You can even buy two copies of the same record and play them and find no two exactly the same.  

Obviously the more we try and generalize the more likely we are to be wrong. There's just no way of saying one country makes better pressings than another. The only way I know of finding good records is to bring them home and play them. When they sound crappy enough you send them back. When nothing less than magic will do then you go to and pay accordingly. Everything else you pays your money and you takes your chances.
Record value is subjective as everything audio.

Best bet is buy original pressings. Canadian? I'll take the first 8 Rush album Canadian Press. Not an absolute guarantee, but a good start.
For some reason Euro presses of even American artists sometimes comes up sounding "better."

I have some Euro presses of Rod Stewart,Johnny Winter and a few others that sound "better" than their domestic disc.

Discogs is a good reference.
From one individual pressed record compared to another you can’t say which is going to be better based on country of pressing alone. But there are enough records out there pressed in different countries to provide a statistically valid analysis for generalizations. The one country that consistently presses excellent records (from my experience*) is Japan. I have hundreds from Japan and never had a dud. Granted my Japan pressings are mainly 70s-80s-90s. I can’t say that about any other country. I’m sure other’s experiences are different - maybe.
I compared just two albums, original Columbia US and Canadian pressings from 70s. In both cases master tape was in the US. One Canadian sounded better than the US and another about the same but slightly different. Japanese pressings from 70s are usually high quality and very quiet, though not always the best sounding. Early 70s are often the best, in my limited experience. And original Japanese promo are even better. I also compared a few from 80s. Japanese original sounded better than anything else, including US, UK, German and Dutch. However, in my comparison of a few Japanese and US white label promo from late 70s the US promo sounded significantly better, though the Japanese vinyl was obviously higher quality and quieter. So, things are not simple in the world of vinyl.