Vinyl ratings for audiophiles

I'm about to drop a ton if money on vinyl now that I've finally invested in a high end analog set up. I will probably replace a lot of my favorite records, but I don't want to repurchase anything if the vinyl isn't really high quality.

Are there any resources that pull together critic reviews so I can quickly determine if the quality of a particular album is high quality or an I stuck googling everything?
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For many years, off and on. I have been compared of my music on my VPI Aries 2, mac mini server with Asyn DAC, Goldenote CD and Sonos with Asyn DAC .
I connected and switched between them (Simultaneously A>B>C>D) on my McIntosh C2300 remote with the same song playing.
I've determined that Vinyl was high price, not high end. Even with the highest quality Vinyl such as Witches brew. The Sonos with asyn, Dac sound a lot better. My rating on vinyl is last