Vinyl price

About 300 for sale ,near all from 1967-1975(before digital) Decca,EMI,London,Argo, Telefunken (mostly classical)and someUHQR ,Sheffield,RR and 95% are new, never played. There is a vinyl bleue book or site on the net to give me an idea of selling price!
I don't know about any blue book for vinyl. You could look at the prices on ebay, at which LPs change hands or check online vinyl vendors for prices.
There are books available at libraries and most book stores which have extensive information on records.
I agree with Detlof. The price guides are often incorrect. Take for example, Goldmines jazz book. It has prices of somewhere around $300.00 for a NM Lee Morgan "Candy". If you can find 2 dozen at that price, I'll take them. They have sold for up to $3200.00.

Check todays' market on line, at the various dealers and eBay. It seems that now it is a buyers market at eBay. Will it change?