Vinyl pressing/ So Beautiful or so what...

After months of listening to a high bit digital recording of Paul Simons latest I finally got around to buying the album. WOW! There's a bunch more stuff going on in the grooves that I hadn't heard before. Musical nuances, slight chatter and an airiness like your in the room with them. I listened to it back to back and can say without hesitation that it is a masterpiece.
It's a terrific pressing.

Very dynamic and dead black quiet.
Try Willie Nelson Stardust.
My new copy had some burrs in the spindle hole and seemed a little rough around the edge but I liked it that way, very industrial. A solid pressing. On a related subject, do you guys clean and wash a new album prior to playing it? I don't mean run a brush over it, I mean wash it with your suction machine. I do not. Though I'm sometimes tempted.
I always clean new LPs using my Loricraft and AIVS 4-step process. They just sound much better once properly cleaned.