Vinyl Organization

I am getting to point where I need get a handle on my music. Looking for software recommendations to organize a vinyl collection on a laptop. A quick search did not reveal anything recently discussed by current users.

I place a sticky note on the sleeve of each album after I have cleaned and listened, providing a grade and notes. The number of albums is to the point that I would like to have that information ready to search. That way I don't have to try and remember, second guess and make mistakes.

Features I would like:
1.) Ability to use auto-entry (CDDB)and edit. I am guessing that some albums will match with the CD and this will work. That further assumes that the CDDB only provides information on CDs any not vinyl.
2.) Would like a template to start with but the the ability to configure fields as I need.
3.) Ability to import and export from both an Excel spreadsheet without hassel so it can sync/transfer to a PDA.
4.) Would be nice to group entries into various lists for organization based on dynamic criterion.

I am sure most commercial applications would fit, but I have a difficult time committing without current user feedback simply because I don't want to have to do this more than once.

I am recently divorced and enjoy this hobby. I do not want to commit to something that is high maintenance; promises something but delivers another; is a constant compromise and ultimately sucks me dry in the end (not in a good way).

Comments on the software (not my previous relationship) are appreciated.

Not bitter..just enjoying the music.
I wrote a microsoft access file for this. It exports to excel (for the same reason as you want). However, it does not have a CDDB entry feature (that would be nice). It's worked well for me, and has saved me many times with my PDA--not buying an album I already own.
Do a search on "collection" and you will find some discussion.