Vinyl or wait for the new stuff??

I was wondering whether to dive into the world of Vinyl or wait for the new format to settle. You see, I have not listened to vinyl for more than 20 years now. I have all rated A equipment and cables and good collection of Audiophile and not so Audiophile CD. Recently I have been thinking of taking a dive into the world of Vinyl. However, knowing myself, I will not be satisfied unless I get some highend stuff which will cost me some serious amount of money. Not to mention that I have to start my collection of software. So my question here for you guys who want to help. Shall I make the move or just wait for the SACD/DVDA ? your input would be much appreciated.
........some really good posts above, and I appreciate not being "attacked" for my preference for digital-- it's a personal thing. I do agree that you probably have to spend a lot more money to get HQ digital music than you do for HQ analog music, and both Myoussif and I have done that(I have a Levinson 37 transport and 360S DAC). Cheers. Craig.
Vinyl is great if you are willing to make the investment in time and equipment. Even without it I would not wait around for the "next thing" in digital. There is nothing wrong with what is out there now (standard digital playback)if you match components carefully.
Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with me. I really appreciate the fact that you guys take some of your busy time to put down your thought for me. It is great. SO I have decided to just enjoy what I have and stay with digital. Craig, your words hit home. Once again -to all of you- thanks a lot for saving me some $??K.
Before you resign to second best, attempt cajoling a dealer into an audition. Once you hear the warmth, depth and tonal accuracy that is achieved with a great vinyl rig, going back to the digits will be tough. Very, very expensive to achieve top end in vinyl, though. The argument of diminishing returns is nearly always valid, but squeezing the best from your listening material takes some of the best in equipment. I have nearly 1800 records, itle in comparison to some, but more than enough to continue the enjoyment. Pops, ticks and all
Siddh, thank you, but I think I just wait for the new formate. enjoy your LPs and thanks once again. Mohamed