Vinyl noise?

My system is a Scout with SDS, JMW-9, Dynavector 17D3, Sutherland Ph3d, Anthem MCA-20 amp, Rogue Magnum 66 pre and Vandersteen 2Ce sigs.
Lately I am getting "noise" when I play albums and it's occurring at almost the same spot on many albums...but not every album.
It seems to occur about 5 minutes into the album, regardless if its track 1 or 2, and it lasts maybe 15-20 seconds and then it's gone. It does not occur after the initial episode.
The "noise" sounds like the usual vinyl sound when the record is not cleaned. All records get cleaned with my VPI 16.5.
Has anyone else encountered this sort of weirdness? Is it possible that there is a common cause or just a dirty record or a bad pressing? The only change I've made is to add the Walker Vortex vacuum tube to the 16.5.
Thanks in advance.
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I am womdering if your walker vortex is just missing a spot. Are these lps
Cleaned with that wand ???
Yes, they are cleaned with the vortex.
Your idea seems interesting. It does have a staticky sorta sound so it.
I know on my scout the arm comes very close to the arm rest during play. Is it possible you are getting slight rubbing on the arm somewhere for a brief period?

Just a thought....
Your alignment my be a bit off...sometimes happens over time or what-not.
Could you have scratched the record slightly with the vortex? Go back to the vpi wand and try an unvortexed record.