Vinyl Newbie, please help...

Hello all, I'm trying to get into LP playing, but have some questions. I only have a RCA connector in the back of my preamp. Is that enough for turntable playback or do I need to buy a separate phono amp? How's Thorens 165? Thanks a lot in advance.
if it doesn't say phono, you'll likely have to buy a phono preamp.
Which preamp youre using,most say phono/aux.that means you would need a seperate phono stage.If the preamp has phono only then most likely you have a phono stage.Hope this helps.
Thanks. I'm using BAT VK-3i, and it does say "phono," but I'm not sure if it has phono section built in to it. Any other thoughts?
On the bat 3 series, the phono stage is optional. I would open the case and try to see if there is a card that say's phono that appears to be an add-on. You should look in your manual or somewhere on the preamp (even on the circuit board) to see if there is a setting for MM (moving magnet) or MC (Moving coil). Check what kind of cartridge your record player and determine if the cartridge is an MM or an MC. The cartridge manufacturer, or a vendor of that cartidge should be able to help you. MM and MC have different output levels. Some phono stages auto detect this. If you don't see these things, you should call BAT technical support and ask for help. You can damage the tweeters in your speakers if you have too high of a cartridge output with a powerful gain stage.
I have the VK-3i with built-in phono stage. John_1 is on the money. Pop the top off the case and you'll find the phono stage card located toward the back of the unit. The card sits up vertically and indeed has a slider switch for the MM/MC settings. If you want a picture of the card, you can find it at this link This pic is tiny but could help you. Write me at if you have add'l questions. Good luck!
In response to the Thorens TD165 I think it is an excellent introductory turntable. I have one I got for $140 and am very happy. I hope to upgrade to the Rega Planar 3 at some point but the Thorens is well built and performs well for a 22 year old hi-fi piece. Draw backs are I have had difficulty fitting some cartridges to the head shell and it seems sensitive to footfalls and vibration but over all a good buy.