Vinyl lovers Help Need replacement for VITB.

I have a MMF 7 w/ a Clearaudio Aurum Beta S(mm). I am using an Audio Alchemy Vac in the Box(needs fixed) w/ a CIA upgraded power supply.

I would like to replace this preamp set-up w/ something a little better.

I am looking at the Channel Island Audio, Creek or Monolithic preamps w/ their respective upgraded power supplies. Any opinions on which one is best?

Other suggestions will be happily accepted as long as they do not break the bank! One thing to note. My C-J PFR preamp seems to have exceptionally high gain, so it would really help to have a phono preamp with either low gain or adjustable gain.

Thanks to all in advance for your Help!
musical surroundings phonomena--can upgrade to the battery power supply later. they come up for sale fairly regularly. seems like a good fit for your needs, IMHO.