Vinyl Liquid Dispenser

What dispenser do people recommend to use to pour a vinyl cleaning solution onto the vinyl like in use with a VPI 16.5?

I can mix the solution in a large container but it is awkward to use that to pour a small amount for cleaning.
I don't mix my own preferring instead to use Record Research Super Vinyl Wash directly from the supplied bottle. I have tried all other popular concoctions over the years with the 16.5 and this by far is the BEST.

Skip the fussing around and begin using the best vinyl cleaning products available. Fellow agoners will support my enthusiasm on this.
Go to your local hardware store and get a small plastic bottle with a spout, sort of a large eye dropper bottle. This will allow you to "drip" the solution out onto your records.
I'm with Steve. RRL gives you a pour spout bottle cap that allows you to drip their fluid out on the record.

I've tried them all and agree that RRL Super Vinyl Wash is the best. There is no comparison.
Do you all recommend Record Research Lab over The Disc Doctor's products too?

Wes (a vinyl "newbie")
I prefer the Record Research because it doesn't leave a film that requires several extra rinses to remove. RRL doesn't require the extra work, extra time, and doesn't leave a film nor sonic signature.

Disc Doctor has great record fluid brushes, but I'd stay away from their fluid.
I've said this time and again, and will yet again! :-) I agree with Steve and others - Record Research Labs fluids are the best for leaving no sonic signature and, as Steve points out, there is seldom need for multiple rinses as with some other products. So, while they are not cheap, they are realtively cost effective - at least for me.

If the larger sized RR bottles are too unwieldly for you, buy a smaller bottle first or buy a simliar bottle of any other liquid, thoroughly clean the bottle and then dispense into it from the large size RR container. If you are really having trouble finding an appropriate bottle, e-mail me and I'll send you one.
The Record Research Labs products certainly outperform the rest of the pack. The "Shine Ola" actually increased the volume of my CD's, amazing. Along with upgrading the total audio frequency spectrum. Wow, what a product! They also do an outstanding job with the record wash on my 16.5. Dynamite product and customer support. It really is the real deal.