Vinyl is back Sony at Sears

OK, so I'm blasting through the local (quite small) Sears as a short cut to another store in the mall, and what do I spy out of the corner of my eye? A really nasty/cheap Sony, direct-drive turntable! Clear evidence that the tide has turned...
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Actually, all electronic stores continued to carry the $99.00 turntables. They have always been around. Now that people are asking for them they are finally on the shelves. Stores like Circuit City have been carrying vinyl for years too. Stores like Best Buy have stores that carry Martin Logan and some other Hi End gear as well.
The small market stores don't have the tables in stock but they can be ordered online or at the stores.

When things have gotten realy good is when you walk into a store and they are spinning vinyl. That I haven't seen yet anywhere but the highend stores and not all of them display turntables either.
Too funny! Hadn't seen those yet...they are desperate to replace the lost cd sales with something!

Wait a minute, I thought CD was 'perfect sound forever'...yeah, right....
I was inside someone house working the other day (a new client)....& I seen a stack of nice Vinyl, & asked if they
wanted to sale it, The "Housekeeper" was the only one there & She said that the owners plan to keep them.

a couple of days later I returned to finish up
some work & I seen a Brand New SONY Turntable on the shelf,
AAARRGHHHH!!! what a waste of killer vinyl.badbones
They have that $99 Ion USB turntable at Costco.
I was in Chicago where I saw a large add for shoes that also featured some hi-fi equipment. One of those cheap Ion tables stacked on a brand new McIntosh pre-amp. That would be like pumping crude oil directly into your Porshe. Obviously not an ad geared towards us a-philes.