Vinyl in London, UK

Whats a good place for Classical,jazz LPs in London, UK ? My regular haunt on my infrequent trips to the UK is the HMV store on Oxford St.(cant get more touristy than that !) Would greatly appreciate any tips/advice from UK based audiogoners.
Cheers and thanks.
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The best shop in London is Selecta Disc, 34/35 Berwick St. They sell new and second hand vinyl.

Other worthwhile haunts are charity shops - Oxfam, Cancer Research and British Heart Foundation are all good. Oxfam even clean LPs before sale! These are found in most neighbourhood shopping streets but not in Central London.

If you have a car and can get out of the city, car boot sales at the weekend can always yield the odd gem.

Expect prices to appear high at current exchange rates.
Many thanks, really appreciate your help.
There are a number of great LP shops in adult/porn area in Soho, London.
And if the music is boring there are other attractions !!
I lived in London for two months last year. I visited the Soho area almost every week. There are like 3 or 4 shops on Berwick streets. The one mentioned above at 34/35 Berwick is actually called Sister Rey. The stores there are not bad, but Music Exchange at Notting Hill is much better. There are two Music Exchange stores almost right next to each other. They are about one block from the Notting Hill tube station. If you have time, there's a flea market there as well. I think it's famous or something. I found it just follow the big crowd that's going through the residential neighborhood. You will also see a record store there on the street. They have good stuff, but charges like $300 - $500 per LP!

Music Exchange


Most of the stores you mention are very overpriced. Easily the best record store anywhere in the South East UK is the mighty Ben's Collectors Records in Guildford - it's about a 25 minute rail journey out of London:

Always stuffed full of good quality vinyl at a fraction of the prices that other supposedly "better" shops charge i.e. from £1 to £5 or so and I've yet to leave there without dropping less than £ say hi to the unfailingly affable Ben (or possibly Howard on a Sunday) and say hello from me!
Did get to Sister Rae on Berwick St a few days back. Generally agree with the comments regd. over pricing. Bought 4LPs, one new Tom Waits "swordfishtrombones(18 quid ie nearly 36 USD)and 3 used LPs @ 11 quid each ie 22USD. From the little I have heard so far the quality of the used LPs is pretty good if not almost new.There are other shops around 94/95 Berwick St which hopefully I will get to visit next time around. Unfortunately, Sister Rae has little jazz and no classical music.
Cheers and happy listening.
Stick to the U.S. stores if you are looking for Jazz LPs. What would you want to buy European pressings when you can get the U.S. pressings here? When I was in London for two months, I only bought some U.K. rock albums.