Vinyl in Boston

I am going to be in Boston on business for a few days and while I used to live there (20 yrs ago), and knew where to find records, I'm sure that has changed. I'll be staying in Copley Sq., and would like to visit some record stores.
Head over to Cambridge. In the middle of Central Square there are several excellent stores on Mass. Ave. that have a huge selection of LPs.

Take the Green Line T from Copley Sq. to Park St. station and then switch to the Red Line to Central Sq. You're golden.

Mojo Music 904 Massachusetts Ave (617) 547-9976
Phase Four 1208 Massachusetts Ave (617) 497-4024
Looney Tunes Inc 1001 Massachusetts Ave (617) 876-5624

Have fun! Steve
Better yet, take the bus up Mass ave from HCC to Cambridge. It is a short walk from Copley and the buses run often.
Or, even better, if the weather's nice just walk to Central from Copley, it's only a couple of miles.
This link should help.