Vinyl Help. First one since my close and play.

Your advise please. My mother recently passed away and left me hundreds of classical recordings and Operas. I do not have a turntable and was wondering what to get. My current system consists of a Mc100 preamp and a Mc 2000
(tube amp) Martin logan Requests and a ML Descent Sub. I would like to get something that will not be overkill for my system. Used is ok by me.
hunt for lp12.
I agree with Marakanetz. The LP12's have been going really cheap the last couple of days. Get the Ittok if budget allows.
If you can spend the $$ Linn LP-12 is the way to go!, if your really tight get a Thorens 125ab MK II for around $ 200.00 with the Thorens arm or more with an SME arm
What is your total budget for table, arm, cartridge, phono pre?
Agree with above. The Linn LP12 is a great table for the prices you can get on the used market today. Hard to beat. I agree the Ittok arm should be the one to get with the table. I have had an LP12/Ittok and they are a very nice combination.
Actually, if you could find another Close and Play it would probably have much greater midrange veracity than most of the rigs that Audiogonners run. And it would be less expensive to boot.
Budget abt 3K. Do I need a new phonostage with the Mc100?
most-likely you will benefit from high quality outboard phono preamp.
you can choose from the following suggested list:

arc ph3(or se version)
plinius m16
bat vk p5
pass aleph ono
ear 834p

the're all in the budget of $2k and much less if you find used -- you'll just need to acquire a nice cartridge for it and you're all analogue set. i would recommend to buy either new cartridge or if you go for used buy it locally and off the turntable to see it's playing.