Vinyl guy seeking recommendation for a top level cd player

I know cds are dead.  Best time to buy a cd player, the way it looks.  I want an all in one box.  I don't stream so a separate DAC is not required.  Most of my cd collection have been ripped to a PC as Flac files and then down loaded to a Sony HAP-Z1ES.  Currently about 3000 Redbook and perhaps 100 SACDs.  The way cds are being dumped I figure on becoming a buyer again so these numbers will go up.  I have looked at Marantz SA10, Esoteric K1 (lightly used), and Luxman D-10X, so far.  It would be good if the sound could approach vinyl.  The Z1 does up to a point.  Listening this morning to the same recordings, the Z1 compares to a high end MM cartridge, but not to a SoundSmith Experion.  Maybe I am asking too much, but in any event a new cd player is being sought.  Thanks in advance for any advice.
You should also consider the overall sound that you are looking for.
Some suggestions here are very different and your first question about brands that you are interested mentiones two different ’schoolos’ of sound
I believe that Marantz and Esoteric (speaking in general) have different approach to the sound and Luxman  would be closer to Marant (but perhaps not the  D-10x)
If I would judge by your choise of equipment I would say that ’precission and ultimate resolution’ (overall sound of esoteric digital might be desribed that way) is not your first goal when choosing hi fi components.
Than again, maybe such player would be better in your system than the one of different voicing.
You will need to take both kind home and try it.

I do not use pc audio.or streaming
As far as ’analog’ sound of digital players is concern, I prefer Burmester brand.
I have had few their players, 061, 001 and just recently I got the 089 model
Had Dcs Puccini with clock,which is great on SACD or on new production, but it will make your not so good recordings even more difficult to listen, once had Bryston as well, had a chance to listen and compare Luxman D05 (or 6) and Ayre as well.

There is a brand and player that I would like to recommend.
It is the Metronome, their ’entry’ model Le player 2 s.

I had it for a year and than replaced it with 089 Burmester.
Still, the Metronome is very nice sounding cd player, seriously built, with very ’analog’ like sound. Also, I had it in all tube system (30w p.single ended amp with 6550 tubes in ultra linear mode) and with single ended connections (I belive CJ also have only se) it worked great, unlike some more expensive models which require balanced equipment to show all of its potential
I have Marantz SA 10, this sacd competes with my SME 10 turntable, the SA10 if you can match it properly, right  cabling and other gear, it will give you the musical dynamic micro and macro, The layering of every instrument do have their space, The SA 10 is a well balance full sounding sacd , it has a very good slam and bass ,It’s a heck of a good player, very powerful sacd player, I don’t even miss vynil when I got the SA 10. My analog set up is excellent as well , I think esoteric stuff are also excellent, I use to have one, and stop working, the repair service can be difficult for the esoteric as well.Iam on my way to buy the MaRantz Ruby sacd player...
PS audio SACD transport + their Directstream DAC. ‘Nuff said. Check out their website. 
I have both and they reveal details I’d never heard. 
All of those are good considerations but do not forget accuphase and i you can find one in good working order try a classic wadia or go out of your way to hear one at least.
This thread has been extremely helpful.  Thank you all.  I ordered a Luxman D10X today and I did so with confidence that would not have been possible without the input from this discussion.