Vinyl for the Island Survival

I don't need much, but ... :-)

Strauss Waltzes
European Music culture at its Best


One of the ultimate opening tracks 'Hard Time Killing Floor Blues'
Analog at its very best

Doc Watson

This Guitar playing takes no prisoners


Physical Presence at its best
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i would slowly burn any vinyl i had. the smell of the burning vinyl would attract michael fremer and i would be saved. if that didn't work, i would take my last record and just let the run out groove play 24/7. eventually a deranged vinylphile would show up and then i'd be saved!
Great :-)
But with those records I would be able to stay there for a while :-)

Sonny Boy Williamson

Back to the roots

Le Cid - Ballet Music

A real sonic Blockbuster
How about the HiFi News Test Record?

It's even better on cd.