Vinyl Find of the Week?

Since we all hunt through used record stores, garage sales and sometimes even other people's trash looking for those spectacular accidental vinyl 'finds' I thought it might be interesting to see what folks are coming up with.

My two best recent ones were a NM Analogue Productions 1992 test pressing of Art Pepper + Eleven, and a gift from fellow A-Goner Bill who gave me a Sheffield Labs Harry James, the King James Version (he had two) that sounds amazing (more than making up for the somewhat cornball style of said Mr. James.

What's everyone got out there?
Found an Antique Shop awhile back that has a Consignment Dealer that once owned a Vinyl Record Shop..He has 30,000 records and only puts out about 200 albums at a time. I have purchased many albums at the ridiculous asking price of 3 albums for $2! I guess you could call that a decent find... ..I also haven't told anyone where it is..........
Odetta sings Keith Richards etc. great find, could use a better album with less surface noise but the music and voice overcome everything to make a fine performance
I was in Japan two weeks ago and I visited two record stores that were full of vinyl records. I was there for hours listening vinyls. I ended up buying 12 LPs. I found Marvin Gaye "Lets get it on", The beatles (the one with photo when all four of them was crossing the street, I love that cover.), Donald Byrd, and a number of other Jazz albums.

Thorman: why are you keeping the location of that store to yourself? Loosen up and let us all know; but unless its in Hawaii you don't have to worry about seeing me there.
Check this Jazz fans: original blue note flawless copy of Eric Dolphy 'Out to lunch" for......$15. Used record store here in Brooklyn didn't know what they had. This is a $75 record in anybody's book. I have seen copies this good on Ebay for $150.
In local stores, I just found a real nice, clean copy of Dead Can Dance's "Spleen and Ideal" for $5, a sealed Italian pressing on the Deutsche Grammophon label of Bohm/Schubert Symphonies 5 & 9 for $2.99, and a clean & quiet Columbia two-eye copy of Bernstein/Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony for 99 cents. Plus an Ebay score of 17 MINT Stravinsky albums from mid-60's through mid-70's for $12.99. Many of them are very desirable albums, I couldn't believe no one else bid on them. Perhaps the sellers no feedback score for vinyl sales people scared away.
Last week I got a a nice clean copy of Sgt Peppers Mono at Goodwill for 99 cents.
I bought 1300+ LPs at $150. Mixed lots - classical, jazz, pop, rock, folk, easy listening, ...
Over half of them in (very) good listening condition.
It was a deal of my life time.
Today's find: an original copy on Riverside of "Thelonious Himself" solo piano. One of my favorites.
My stepson found a NM Japanese pressing of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" at an antique pavilion for $10. The same thing on eBay with water spots on the cover was going for over $150 at the time.

I also got the Sheffield "King James Version" at this antique pavilion for $3. Since I've been a big band fan all my life, the music isn't cheesy to me, and it's one of the best *sounding* albums I've ever heard.

I got a collaboration of Mel Torme and Buddy Rich direct-2-disc in NM condition for $4 at a record show.

Although they don't have great market value, I find many reissues to be well done. I have the early '70s Columbia reissue of "Kind of Blue." Got it at a record show for $8, and I think I like it better than the 200g Classic Records reissue--a little cleaner and faster sounding. But maybe I need to raise the VTF a little to accommodate the thickness of the 200g pressing.

In classical I like the Columbia reissue series, "Great Performances". I have a Stokowsky of the Bizet Carmen and L'Arlesienne suites and George Szell and the Cleveland Symph that I got at thrift shops for $1 ea. The recording, pressing, and performance quality on these are all excellent.
I just picked up about 500 or more goodwill records for free. London ffrr, Decca. Deutsche Grammophon, His Masters voice RCA, Red Seal - the list goes on and on.

Sinatra, Dino. classical, rock , pop, 7'' vinyl "how to learn English" (with all the native colloquialisms) in just one week. 78 acetates (some home recorded) The history of my local area documented in some of these. Choir music, organ music, Carribbean, Hawaiian. A bit of everything - much more than I could have imagined - even a mint test record. Late 1940's to late 1980's for the most part.

At this point I'm not even sure what I have - but some of it is great old stuff in excellent condition. I don't listen to classical - so These will go to a friend this Christmas. Some albums will be returned.

One question for members please. How do I find out about this stuff?

These arrived in two different batches - and FOR SURE the ones in sleeves are in fantastic condition. The jacketed ones only are not near as good.
the beatles. please please me on Parlaphone records pretty good cond. for a buck