Vinyl essentials for novices

Over recent years, you would have known a number of friends getting into vinyl for the first time. They're enchanted by the whole vinyl package. After a while, they realise that records need to be clean and kept clean. Maintenance! Here's a little guide for them, if they want to go the DIY way. Any other advice would surely be helpful.
1. Do not touch the album surface!

2. I bought one plastic bottle of "Discwasher" with an anti-static brush in the 70's.

Still using the brush and the same bottle but is now filled with 50% rubbing alcohol and 50% distilled water.

3. I an willing to bet that my albums are as clean as anybodys
The "Spin Clean" works amazingly, and is pretty cheap as far as these things go. I use one and love the results.
I 2nd the SPIN CLEAN for wet washing cant beat their fluid it works awesome.
As Dsper said, NEVER touch the record surface. Always clean the record surface before every play. Always use an appropriate brush to clean the stylus before every play. Be gentle and brush only in the direction of rotation. New records need the mold release compound removed before the first play. I prefer LAST power cleaner for this but there are a lot of good ones out there. Most importantly, have fun! If you are stressing out, you're doing something wrong. Happy listening!
Using same brush since 70's??
Steam, steam, and more steam. The most effective way to clean. Walmart has units for about $30. You can't go wrong.
They probably don't make those brushes like they used to .... :)
well now its not like we are scrubbing a burnt pan