Tapes? No way. Think about it, twenty year old magnetic media has deteriorated, unlike vinyl, which is fairly stable. I have many tapes, R2R, cassette and even eight track, all cannot equal properly cared for vinyl played on a first class rig. My cassette tapes, all pre-recorded, played on a Dragon, don't come close to equaling vinyl. Long live vinyl!
"...you must have compared them to some pretty bad records on a plastic turntable."

Wow, that didn't take long! A plastic turntable...yeah, right. See what I mean?

I don't expect, or want, a cassette renaissance. If that ever happens I'll have to compete with everyone else and prices will increase as they have for re-issue vinyl, or old vinyl for that matter. I bought a ton of vinyl years ago when everyone said it was dead. Always try to buy things when nobody else wants them. Like I said..just enjoy!
Let's bring back VHS! Everyone knows it is as good as DVD and Blu-Ray! :-)

Wasn't the CD sold as "perfect sound forever"?

As a matter of fact, I just bought a laserdisc player last week, too. I love the video quality (particularly on my Sony Bravia LCD TV). It has a very film-like quality. I appreciate it because of (and despite) it's "flaws".
Bring back the Edsel and Corvair.

Rotary phones


Leisure suits


Floppy discs

yuk yuk yuk