vinyl cleaning with wood

Hi all,

I have been researching a way of cleaning vinyls and at a certain point I came across a particular way...looked really funky to me.
They are using wood glue and it looks like it works better than anything else.
My perplexity is if glue remains deep down then it can ruin the pick up.

anybody has ever successfully used this method?
What do you guys think?
How dirty are these records that one or all of the standard means don't work? I'm not a vinylista but it seems like a series of potential Faustian Bargains.
You know, early on when I just started back out with vinyl, I picked up a copy of after the goldrush... clean, but noisy as heck. I actually used the wood glue, and it worked AMAZINGLY well!! I had forgotten all about it up until I saw your thread.. I now have a nitty gritty, steam cleaner, etc. etc.
the thing to be aware of is that the glue takes time to 'cure' and seperate from the vinyl... dont panic when it appears 'bonded'
also, getting those last little bits off of the record is a pain... they want to 'cling' due to static. I still have that record, and it is one of the quitest original pressings I own. Go figure!