Vinyl Blinds

Wondering if anyone here can tell me whether cheap vinyl blinds act as diffusors in a listening room. I'm renting a studio and there are many windows, all with vinyl blinds on them. 
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Never heard of common cheap window blinds utilized as cheap substitutes having any positive impact as diffusers.

With reference to the following link - as just one sampler among the many - explaining the science and “do’s and don’ts of treating first reflections, and their educational breakdown the fundamentals of diffusion by outlining the different types of diffusion .... I doubt it.
They make thick woven fabric vertical blinds. I used them for a stock broker's new offices to solve acoustics at the glass perimeter: angled half way closed avoided sound reflections and caught reflected sound from behind yet maintained a sideways view of St. Patrick's Cathedral, etc. They worked quite well.

Their prior location, across the street, black metal horizontal blinds, fully closed, looked like the black hole of Calcutta (whatever that is), might as well have been in a basement.
I’ve used them successfully in my old listening room - they actually absorb sound and turn it into tiny amounts of heat - they are very good at absorbing sound - they do not diffuse it

you should position them...
  • close to the ceiling
  • try different locations - behind the listener first, then sides
  • only drop them down by about 2 feet from the ceiling
  • they do nothing for bass related issues like standing waves
I’ve tried it in three locations and they work very well
  1. my old room, 8ft ceiling - pulled it down about 15"
  2. a friends 12 ft high concrete condo - we had them at the sides and behind the listener and dropped them 24"
  3. a friends house - 9 ft ceiling - behind the listener - 24" drop
I used a regular blind at home, but used a heavier vinyl for the condo - lots of reflected sound

Where to get the heavier vinyl? - try those companies that print large vinyl signs

The best "diffusers" are those panels you see with lots of different sized pieces of wood

Sound absorbers should be used very carefully - too many will deaden the room - I actually took all of mine out once I get the vinyl hung. If anything, use carpet on the floor and canvas pictures on the side wall 

Hope that helps - Steve