Vinyl at Bed Bath and Beyond? Yes, for real!

The vinyl resurgence is real- I was in Bed Bath & Beyond and saw that they were selling a handful in vinyl LPs. Amazing!

I started buying vinyl in the mid 70's and I'm sure glad I never tossed any of my vinyl one digital came knocking-
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You can also pick up one of those fine turntable offerings from Crosley!!!! :)
I tossed mine out when CD's came out. I can't say I really miss it. Digital is so much more easy to work with and I don't have to cue up records nor pick up the tone arm when the record ends.
I know some must have the analog sound, but having been born in that era, I have now embraced the new-even if it isn't the 'end all' in sound reproduction. Convenience, and the large internet library have me hooked.
I was born in "that era" also and I have LPs going back to the early 60s (some earlier) and have found that there's nothing more convenient than putting one of them on my turntable to listen to it. I listen to digital stuff plenty and like CDs…my digital system also sounds great…but I find it hard to play vinyl on anything but a turntable…you can't cram it into a CD slot, and if you put one on a DAC absolutely nothing happens. I like listening to a Jethro Tull LP knowing it's the EXACT one I was listening to in 1969, and it sounds astonishing. You can own art or just look at it on your computer…go to a museum or simply look at masterpieces on your phone…drive a sports car or get a driving simulator for your Sony big screen…choices...
Wolf _garcia,

You nailed it!  I too was born in that era and get a thrill out of playing an LP that I bought myself 40+ years ago.  The sound is incredible even from discs that I played on cheap gear when I was ten years old.  I have yet to hear a remastered version of anything original that I own that sounds better then the first pressing copy in my collection.  And I don't mind getting up every 20 minutes or so to flip the record over.  Keeps me from getting fat and lazy. =)

One step further... I actually enjoy my time consuming process of cleaning my vinyl. I feel it brings me even closer to the experience!

Kind of like the difference between.... taking your kids to a soccer game and dropping them off, or, actually taking a vested interest, and being with them, supporting them throughout the whole process which will deny you some "me time" later on.
Yes, You can find vinyl at BB&B. I think it was just a marketing ploy to sell the cheap turntables they have. I have seen this same marketing at other stores that will sell you just about anything. Gosh, we all seem to have been around in vinyl's early days. I think most of us have been around before the Dead Sea was even sick.....