Vintage Wharfdale speakers?

My neighbor is selling out and moving into a retirement condo. He has offered me his old Wharfdale speakers and probably may be hurt if I don't just jump on them. I really don't have time or space to mess with them. I remember being unimpressed as a teen by these type of Wharfdales, but never have heard his pair. They may even be broken or need cone work. He is a bit deaf. Anyone here know much about these things? Not sure of the model, but they are the old sand filled cabinets with heavy grill cloth and ornate lattice like wood. Classic Wharfdales to my mind. Floor standers, but not tall, just chunky like an end table, or lamp table. For all I know they might have desirable alnico drivers and be highly efficient, not sure what to expect. Worth anything? Boat anchors? Not that I would take them just to turn a profit, but I may lose interest after a while and need to pass them on. Will my 15 watt tube mono's have any chance here? They are pretty tuff and perceptively powerfull. Any info about these would be appreciated, Thanks so much.
60's vintage Wharfdales were my first stereo speakers ever, and I still have them. I always hated the sound, but loved the cabinet work. About 10 years ago after seeing them take up space in the house for the previous 20 years I pulled out all the drivers, replaced the baffle board and installed new drivers and a DIY crossover. Now they sound great and look great.

but I agree with the others - unless you want a good project, skip it.
If he is offering them for free and he will be hurt if you don't accept them, then, by all means, accept them and toss them after he moves.....if this is practical.

I work in a retirement community with all levels of care. Downsizing is really tough for anyone, but especially seniors. The mental toll is probably harder than the physical toll. If he is comforted that a) he is giving you something important to him and b) he can check them off of his moving/worry list, then you will be helping him a great deal.

Now, if you will be running into him often and he will be inquiring about them, and how great they are(were) and you will have to lie....that will be tough.

Good Luck.
Tkmetz, that's the whole problem. I have nothing to lose as they are free, but I probably will remain in contact with him and don't know what to say if he brings it up and I have quit on them. That would hurt him too. Not surprised the audiophiles here aren't too keen on them. I remember not liking them when they were current. Speakers have come a long way since this time. Always liked the idea of sand filled cabinet walls though. Wish he would just stay. It was the death of his dog that brought him to this. He always said it was Sadie's house and when she goes he will move on to the next level of "old age".
Pretty simple then ... just be honest about not having the space for the speakers. Don't make it about the sound as you already have speakers you like. Offer to help him sell them or alternatively, out of respect for you neighbor, offer to post them on an audio site and give them away free to a good home, if someone wishes to pick them up.

My dad owned a mom and pop store that repaired TVs, stereos, and appliances. He had not worked the business for 30 years, so there was a fair amount of old, used electronics still in the store when the time came to sell the store. We had very little time to liquidate, so I wound up giving away much of the stuff. I contacted magazine editors, radio personalities, and original manufacturers' museums and several came out and I gifted the stuff to them. It was about respecting my dad and as long as the stuff wound up with someone who wanted it, it was OK.