Vintage VAC tube amp

Have you listened to the early VAC amps?? Is there a beter choice?
I just bought about 6 months ago VAC PA160 mono amps, approx 3yrs old. I replaced Classe 700s amp. The first thing you notice is the non glare of tubes. Natural not hard. I have also heard the 30/30 amps and they take it up another level. If in doubt call VAC they will spend time with you evaluating your system and listening taste. They did for me.
In my search for a return to normalicy I am seriously considering a pair of K-Horns mated to a pair of Decware SET (9watts per) Oh I know - horns - not for serious audiophiles - who cares - anyone using this combo??
Vac isn't such an old company, but i suppose you can call 3 year old VaC's "vintage". "Vac" , my opinion, makes THE best tube amp's in US of A. Some of the leading HI end co. "mate" their products with VAC. Wadia, Avalon...etc. For "Underhill", you are on the right track...Right SeT, and right "horns" are just "magical".If you want some "info" on SET mach-up and "horn's" contact Torsten Loesch,TNT mag. contributing writer or Jan Hedlund at The Hedlund Horn to see some of the best "horn" designs.
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