Vintage Tuner Comments

Anyone wish to comment/state preference on these tuners as to sound and DX'ing in "stock" form? Also, comment/state preference on potential if modified?

Sansui 517
Sansui 717
Kenwood 6500
Kenwood 7500


Mattybumpkin, did some research while shopping for my tuners (been through Kenwood 8300 and Magnum Dynalab 101A) and discovered a great site for tuners - Also a nice DX site - These may be of some help.
I own both the Sansui 717 and 5900. Audio quality is good on the 717, just fair on the 5900. Neither are particularly good for DXing though it is about time that I upgraded my aerial. My Fisher FM-1000 is by far the best of the several tuners that I own; DXing with a dipole is easy and the audio quality is out of sight. I have owned most of the Mac tuners as well as the REL and the Fisher is just my favorite.
That is remarkable Viridian. I owned a Fisher 1000 a few years ago, compared it to Magnum Dynalab, Yamaha CT 7000. PSE Studio 3 and Marantz 10B. I am still more impressed with that Fisher than anything I have heard before or since.

If FM had not gone completely to crap in this market I would have kept it.
The follow two websites (mentioned above) are the best sources. None better. There is also a tuner club on Yahoo Groups.

I think you will find that the Kenwood KT-6500 and KT-7500 sound about the same. The KT-7500 is a better DX machine. The 6500 has only a 3 gang tuner, the 7500 is 5 gangs. I believe I've told you elsewhere that I have a 6500 and a modified 8300 (DX and Audio mods). The 6500 is a great deal if you just want good sound. They sell used for +/-$50 depending on condition.