vintage tuner?

need to know whether to keep this Kenwood 600t tuner. anybody with any info on this unit? please help!
I've had no response on this tuner,can it be that no one among you audiophiles have heard of it? Kenwood 600T Please help11111111!!!! Gene
Although I have no firsthand experience with the 600t, I was able to locate a review of this tuner done in '78 by High Fidelity. The list price at that time was $600 (a fair sum in the mid '70s). As described, it appears to be very comprehensive in terms of user control. Although there were more expensive tuners available at that time, HF considered the 600t to be a bonafide supertuner in terms of performance and features. A particularly useful feature is the ability to vary the IF bandwidth (narrow, normal, and wide).As mentioned in the review, it's useful to understand that as selectivity improves, distortion increases and the inverse is also true. Personally, I wouldn't hesitate to use the 600t assuming that it is functioning properly and is sonically acceptable. During that era there were many superb tuners produced. To replicate their performance and build quality today would require a considerable investment. Remember also that this quality of tuner may be more than is required under good reception conditions and that the most important component for good reception is an adjustable outside antenna. As one who does extensive FM listening and recording and who also owns a few "supertuners" I can wholeheartedly recommend the investment in quality older equipment.