Vintage tube preamps: CJ or ARC?

Leaning towards a tube preamp...any thoughts on the Conrad JOhnson pv-5,10,etc,,,vs Audio research sp-7(?)? Looking for classic tube 3-d sound with decent highs...
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What's your budget?
If you find one, the C-J PV11 is outstanding they go for about 500-800 used.
I would skip the CJ PV10. It wasn't nearly as 3D or as sweet in the highs as my McIntosh C712.
The CJ5 is about as "classic" a tube sound as you could find. It is sweet and rich and warm. I think you would find the AR gear from the same era as much more detailed and open, but perhaps not as "enjoyable". I used to have Ar SP8 and it was pretty decent, but the old cj stuff is just plain nice to listen to.
2nd the PV5. I still use mine and with my speakers/room and taste in tunes, I figure I would have to spend about 5 times the price for a new full function preamp that would be as enjoyable.
Just to add to your list, I really like the, somewhat rare, Musical Reference RM-5, and once in a while, a Berning TF-10 shows up, which is a hybrid, but with ten tubes it has more tubes than anything else mentioned. Both companies still in business and both models still servicable.
Having never heard either brand doesn't keep me from saying go with ARC!