Vintage Thoren TD160 vs new turntables

I have a stock Thorens 160 with a Nagaoka MP110.

i was thinking to upgrade the cartridge but noticed there seem to be some good new turntable options with graphite tonearms that come with good cartridges.

Any comments on vintage vs new would be appreciated.

( i can get over the cool factor of having a vintage turntable)
Phduncanson, good advice save for perhaps the MP-500.
I've tried every cart in the Nagoka line and the shibata stylus on the MP-500 is not easy to get right.
200-300- 500 are all the same cart, different stylus.
I use the 200 and often better than 500 because its easier to set up right.
The 150 or its stylus in 110 is not far behind, real value for money.
True dat...true dat boys. But I enjoy the process ~ especially after two weeks... finally gettin it right in the's like a whole new awsome upgrade for free.
thanks for the input
i see that Audible illusions recommends specific cartridges for my 2d.

i get the project idea¬Ö i like projects but i seem to have too many right now.

I really wanted to know if you can just spend $600 and get a good turntable instead of working on the Thorens. It seems like its up in the air and personal preference like the rest of the Audio world!
Yes, buy a used WTRP or classic.