Vintage Tannoy Monitor Gold vs SF Cremona Auditor


I am very confused between the vintage Tannoy Monitor Gold or the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor speakers. I listen to a variety of music, I do like a bit of Bass. I am going to use a Pathos Logos integrated amplifier. I will be ever so grateful if someone could advice me which speaker I should be buying to enjoy all types of music.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!!
I used 12" Tannoy MG's from 1971 to 1988. Then on to B&W and Dynaudio (Contour 5.4). Several years ago, I felt the need to return to Tannoy.

I purchased HPD 315 (ca 1975) drivers on Ebay UK, and had custom 150 liter bass-reflex enclosures made for them. Crossovers were custom built, using Munforf S-I-O caps, Alpha Core 12 gauge inductors, and Dueland resistors.

The woofer cones were replaced with new ones converted to the hard edge surrounds as used in the current Prestige line.

All this was accomplished for less than the price of used speakers of similar size in the Prestige line.

The result is everything I hoped for and then some.

I have heard the Cremona Auditors, many years ago, as I was considering purchasing them.

Tannoy 12" Dual Concentric speakers, in the right enclosure, will, I am sure, deliver better bass response than will the Auditor. Tannoy are not limited to any type of music, from huge dynamic swings, to gentle chamber music.

Thay respond well to tube amps (I use a 35 Wpc VAC), or high power solid state. (I have both, in addition to the VAC, a Plinius SA 100 MK III can be switched in in moments). I far prefer the tube amp, however.

I strongly urge you to, if possible, listen to both of your choices, and then decide. Much depends on your room, mine being on the large side (16' X 34', with cathedral ceiling, which the Tannoys fill easily).

Both are fine speakers, and I can't say which will better fill your needs.

Best of luck, regards,
Hi Stan,

Please take a look at Dan's Tannoys via his system link if you have not already - they're stunning! :-)

Nice and thoughtful post Dan.
It all comes down to taste and system objectives.
For me,I`d go with the dual concentric Tannoy and drive it with a high quality moderate power tube amplifier. That would lead to emotionally involving musical bliss.
Best of Luck,
Thank you Charles, I've been reading with interest your thread, especially concerning the improvements wrought by the Dueland Cast capacitors.

Two for Tannoy, what do you think, Stan?

Best regards,
I will agree with Dan and Charles after reading their many numerous thoughtful posts. Tannoys were always very intriguing to me tho I have not yet been fortunate enough to hear them. I use Lowther DX4s.
What is the current condition(last model year was 1974 and predates the HPD series) of the speaker you`re interested in?

The choices are 10,12 and 15 inches, which is yours?

All three of them had 92 db at 1M/1W and were 8 ohm loads(5 ohm minimum)

All three versions had an external crossover(this is good),