Vintage Tannoy Gold vs Harbeth 30.1

It seems the vintage Tannoy has a cult following.  I heard one of the reason is that those old magnets are better.  They don't lose strength over time.  But besides that, what are the benefits or reasons to choose them over new production such as Harbeth 30.1?  I guess the new production may have better technology and design.  Which one would you choose?
Haven't heard Tannoy's in 20 years or so but I have demo'd & lived with a lot of speakers in my time...NEVER in my life had better sound in my home than I do with the Harbeth M30.1's!!!
The Tannoy Gold series speakers I know, are powered nearfield monitors. I listened to a wall-mounted pair of 8s (i.e. with an 8' concentric driver) and they were very pleasant.

The Harbeths are a stand mount passive monitor speaker -- quite a different animal.What are you looking for?
Some say that vintage 1960s Tannoy Gold drivers with their alnico magnet drivers are superior to those models such as my late 1970s HP385 Berkeley's, which also feature alnico drivers. Some argue differently.

The usual reasons given in their favour I think were the surrounds used for the drivers and a better acoustic match between the drivers and the larger /huge cabinets they were used in. 

If they are truly superior to the Berkeley's 
then they must be truly superb loudspeakers. I, hoping that Tannoy would have learned something in the intervening years, remain somewhat sceptical and would have to hear it to believe it. 

Similarly the Harbeth 30.1s seem to be the best loved Harbeths outside the M40s, with their common tweeter often sited as a main cause.

In your shoes, unless you have a very large room, I believe the Harbeth, being the newer speaker by far, would be far less of a gamble. For sure it won't have the bass of the Tannoy but being a Harbeth, it will never be difficult to move it on if you ever felt the need.

You must really listen to the Tannoy yourself if you go that way,whilst the Harbeth you could buy blind if necessary. I haven't heard the M30 but heard the SLH5s and there were no rude shocks there.