Vintage Tannoy Gold, PHY Coaxial and Altec Drivers

My question pertains to “dual concentric” drivers. My goal is to have speakers built for a new listening room. The dimensions of the room are 25’L x 15’W x 12’H. Listening tastes run the gamut from acoustic jazz, fusion jazz, latin jazz, guitar jazz, smooth jazz, and vocal jazz. Other equally listened to genres are: R&B, blues, smooth lounge, Chicago house and Afro-beat, amongst others.

I recently heard a pair of Tannoy Glenair with 15” drivers. Very impressed and enjoyed what I heard. As I am still in the due diligence phase, and like others, I am in a location where it is not possible to hear the following drives that I have a keen interest in. Therefore, I would appreciate feedback from the community from those who have actually heard any of the following and can speak to how they compare musically: Vintage Tannoy Gold; Phy H30LB 15Coaxial; and Altec 6048HIII from Great Plains.