Vintage system for vinyl


I would like to experiment with a vintage system dedicated for vinyl only. Room size is a small loft about 12 x 15. The back and side walls are ½ wall type opening to the rest of the home. Nearfield listing for sure. The budget is $800.00. The equipment would be used; speakers can be floor standing or bookshelf. I was thinking about the following:

Fisher x 101 amp
JBL 44l Lancer speakers
Thorn TD 126 MKII turntable (may need to extend the budget)
Cartridge ?
Speaker cable?

Any input and suggestion appreciated.
Standard speaker cable back then was 16ga zip cord. Audiophiles used 12ga zip cord.


front-thorens 147,dual 1019 or 1219,kenwood 500.......amp/receiver-hk,marantz,kenwood......speakers-epi 100,large advent,ohm L or E,dynaco a25/////should come in around around your budget in great condition.
Garrard SL95 or Dual 1019 TT,JBL L-100's,Pioneer receiver like a sx828 or a 9500 integrated.Nothing but zipcord like the man says....good luck,Bob