Vintage SS Versus Modern

I’ve been researching 1970s integrated SS amps lately with the goal of finding a softer, more easy going presentation. I would only buy a fully restored unit. I’m aware the early 70s amps with capacitor-coupled outputs will probably provide this but I have some questions:
1. in general, how do the better *fully restored* 1970s amps sound versus modern ones?
2. what is the "house sound" (if there is one) for each major company (Sansui, Accuphase, Marantz, Kenwood, etc.)
3. is there a significant difference sonically between the cap coupled and direct coupled 1970s amps?
4. for what I’m looking for, which models or brands do you recommend?
I use restored 60s tube amps and they sound better than any solid state amp I’ve ever heard. Detailed, liquid, and musical. I’ve always though 70s sand amps to be grainy and not relaxed at all.
Most audio amps from the 70s are harsh and etched sounding. I can't recommend any of them but I understand their charm. Some people even prefer that presentation. If you want a smoother presentation most new integrated amps will be much better although there are exceptions. Maybe try a new Yamaha? Old time looks and modern performance. 
I can't think of any solid state amps from that era that I would describe as easy-going.
Look for a Luxman L-10 integrated amp. It drove my JBL L-300’s perfectly back in 1978. It had Sanken output power transistors. It did sound nice.