Vintage speakers, need suggestions on amp & phono

First I would like to say that I am pretty limited on disposeable cash for audio, but would like some suggestions on which way I should go. I recently bought a pair of Altec 604 8G speakers in factory Altec 620A cabinets. I have been powering them with an old Marantz 2252B receiver, and have 2 modest turntables in use (Technics SL1300 and a tweaked Thorens TD160 with Linn LVX arm.)

The speakers are very efficient, and it has been suggested that my ALtecs would greatly improve with better equiptment. As you can see, due to necessity of a tight budget, I have settled on vintage up to this point.

I have basically no knowledge on fixing or tweaking electronics, so I am thinking something used, but newer that should last me a while.

I am planning on selling alot of vintage equiptment to finance a new purchase, (maybe $1000 tops). I would appreciate suggestions on an amp and phono preamp to look for that would give me a good bang for the buck to match my speakers. Whatever I get, it will have to last me a long time down the audio road, so I want to purchase wisely.

Any recommendations? I do have someone I trust (much more knowledgeable than myself in this stuff) recommend a Jolida 302A integrated (which looks like could be bought in the $500 range with patience), something I don't have alot of at this point.

I live in a small town in Missouri, with nothing to audition within 150 miles of me. So auditioning is pretty much out of the question.

From what I am considering at this time would include the Jolida amp and maybe a Bottlehead Seduction. Am I close to being on the right path with the $ I will have to invest?

Your thoughts, suggestions and feedback needed and appreciated.

If you want to go really inexpensive, search out a vintage Akai M8 or Roberts 770X. These are reel to reel tape recorders with single ended integrated tube amps built in. The amps use EL84 output tubes for 6 watts per channel, and they also have a phono stage built in. I bought an M8 at a garage sale two years ago for $35, thinking I'd have fun playing with a reel to reel. I commented on the weight (50 lbs) as I picked it up, and the seller said, "Tube amps, you know." Tested the tubes and changed one, and hooked it up in place of a Fisher 500B tube receiver just to have a quick listen. I had always enjoyed the Fisher 500B, but it just doesn't compare to the Akai for sound quality so it has been sitting idle ever since.

The later Roberts 770X recorders are solid state, so if you are looking at one of these make sure it has tubes - you can see them through the ventilation grilles on the front.
Jolida 302A is probably a good start. I suggest serching the fourms as for budget integrateds. Hang onto your Marantz until you find something better. Keep in mind that you can always buy and sell most used gear with little or no loss save for shipping. Stay with name brands that are popular on this site and you won't have any problems with re-sale. If you buy tube gear, you can always upgrade that further with better tubes. Most stock (chinese) tubes can be improved upon, especially if it's used.
check out Fisher amps/rcv's or better yet, Harmon Kardon tube amps/rcv's. Great sound and cheap on ebay, a'gon or audioweb
Consider a Scott integrated from or buy one on Audiogon (or even eBay) and send it to for check out and refurbishing.
Thank you all for your recommendations. It seems I have alot of possibilities, now to narrow it down further and purchase wisely.

Short list of sorts-

Jolida Integrated plus phono.
Fisher, Scott, HK tube amp or receivers.
I have also been looking at some Eico tube amps. These seem like they might be sleepers in vintage tube stuff.

Anyone have anymore input?