Vintage Sony CDP-102

Paid $2 at a Thrift store for this cd player.Second model made after the 101.Nice sturdy,heavy player with rails that the drawer rides on.No digital but looks and plays well.Was wondering opinions on this player,thanks. .
you can re-sell it and make some money.
I have the 101. still going strong, sounds great.
After I purchased the player I only found a few opinions on it.People seemed more impressed with the build quality than sound although I find the sound to be good,not great.If only it had a digital connection I think it'd be a good transport.
You seem disappointed in the responses so far. To sum it up, there's just not much to say about a Sony CDP 102. It was great for it's time, but it's time has passed. Just enjoy your lucky thrift store find and celebrate by listening to music.
I will,thanks.
I didn't mean any dissapointment for the player. I take joy of searching and re-selling. It's addictive too just like audiophilia.
Have done that as well in the past.A few things I regret selling.