Vintage receivers???

Considering buying a classic vintage receiver or integrated amp for my second system. At the moment I've been looking at Marantz 2200 series, but I'm just starting.................Power isn't a big concern as this will not be played at concert hall levels. ........Good sound quality is important.........My questions are, A) Recommendations........B) typical cost for recap and alignments.......and is it worth the cost and trouble?

I had a Marantz 2270 that I bought new from Rabson's in NYC back in '76. Used it for about a year and sold it for $180. Wish I had kept it. Went to separates: AGI 511 pre and Son of Ampzilla. Diatone (Mitsubishi) DA-F10 tuner. I should have at least kept the 2270 for use as a tuner! 
Yeah, I agree, the best of the tuners, back in the day were hard to beat. I had a very nice Sansuii 5000X receiver if I remember right, that I too sold for separates. I went with a Sansuii BA-F1 amp.........that's in mothballs now and I see selling for around a grand on ebay sometimes, $600 new at the time. Picked up a Crown SL-1 preamp that I later sold for a Bryston .5B...........Still use the .5B as a phone preamp.

I love the look and feel of some of that vintage gear..........Digital stuff often has more bells and whistles, but I'm not much of a bells and whistle guy. A good two channel system has always been just fine for me.
 Consider also the Kenwood receivers from the 1970's. A friend of mine has a Kenwood receiver bought new in 1975. It has never needed service and still sounds great. 
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I have very fond memories of the mid70’s Sony STR 6065. Big, beefy, yet amazingly refined sound.

Astounding build quality—thick veneer over the chassis with a thick metal front panel. Beautifully damped witches and knobs, great little headphone output. A very conservative 65 WPC/8ohms. 

The only weak area the volume pot. Prone to collecting dirt and eventually crapping out. 

They're around...