Vintage Receiver Recap Advice

I have picked the brains of a few folks and I want to get some advice from you folks.

I am planning on re-capping my Realistic STA-2100D and this is the first attempt from scratch. I have had to compile my own cap list and not a derivative of someone elses as it frankly does not exist. I have listed all of the caps that are e'lytics and tants that are going to get the shove off. I really am still unsure of which are power supply related and those in the signal path. I was given a tidbit of advice that anything over 25V is *usually* power related and conversely, under being in the audio signal path. Is this a fairly accurate statement?
I am looking to do the largest power caps with Nichicon PW's and smaller (<35V) with Panasonic FM/FC and Nichicon PW. I was thinking SilmicII as well but I think I will stick with Panny's. Small tants will get films and the <1uF's maybe Wima's.

I ASSume the power supply gets the brunt of the power caps. The main/pre/tone amps as well as the Dolby/IF board I *guess* is considered in the audio path, correct?
Sorry for the long-winded message.

Thanx in advance for the help!

Bud Weaver