Vintage receiver 2 phonos

Looking 4 budget ss receiver with 2 above ave phono stages 4 2nd system. Sherwood?
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My Sansui AU D-11 integrated has two phono inputs. Perhaps their receivers do too.
Tandberg tr-2080. Had one for years...really miss it!
Dear Phasecorrect: Pioneer SA-9800 ( with out tunner. ), this one is a " champ ".

Regards and enjoy the music,
Take a look at Yamaha units. Very high quality in those days. From personal experience.
I have both a Pioneer SA-9800 integrated and Yamaha CR-1020. They each have 2 phono inputs, with the Pioneer being able to handle both MM and MC cartridges.

Both are powerful(100 and 80 wpc respectively), and gorgeous to look at.

Both sound fantastic, though the Pioneer commands a higher price. The Yamaha has an excellent tuner.

Expect to pay around $400 for a good 9800, while a CR-1020 in similar shape will go for less than half that. The yammie's big brother, the CR-2020, ups the power ante, and the price edges closer to the Pioneer.

While most vintage Yamaha sounds very nice, many folks mark the "--20" series as the having the best build quality and sound.
FWIW I picked up my 1020 on Craigslist for $75 from the original owner.
I also have held onto a CR 1020 that I purchased new in '79. Up until about a year ago it was part of a second system I had. It's perfect except the volume control has malfunctioned now.

Any advice on getting the part to replace the volume control? The unit looks terrific and sounds even better. Caps were replace about 7 years ago.

I got a lot of music listening pleasure out of this unit.
over on user "merrylander" is the resident Yamaha guru. Definitely worth asking him.