Vintage Radio Shack speaker?

I was in a thrift store other day trying to locate some vinyl when I saw a pair of old RS speakers I tried my best to remove the grill covers, well no way was I able to and they were going for a big ten bucks. My question is the grills were made of thick plastic and were honey comb in nature and this was covering a cloth,the box was of thick wood with screw terminals for spades in rear and also a switch for high,mids,and lows. Are they worth taking home at that price and how can I check the drivers, should I just try to pry the grill covers off with a screw driver
I gotta think the woofer surrounds are toast and I'll bet the caps in the crossovers are shot. If you just want some garage speakers, they might be okay. But I'd be more inclined to spring $45 for a brand new pair of the Insignias that all the AA guys are drooling over...