Vintage Onkyo integrated amp ?

I have a 80s era Onkyo A 8067 integrated amp laying around. Rated at 80/channel, owners manual states 4 ohm minimum. Wondering if this old beast would drive my Maggies 1.6 adequately. Only reason for asking is I may have to part with my ARC D130 and Classe CP 35 preamp as I may need to drum up extra $ for a new home we are buying. The vintage Onkyo is in near mint condition, never driven hard I currently use it for my B&W outdoor speakers. Any help appreciated.
The old Onkyo would work, but not very well. A buddy of mine just tried this exercise with his and a pair of new Martin Logan EFXs. The Magnepans are even less stable than the M-Ls, so more current would be the way to go. Good luck & happy listening!
I had an Onkyo integrated from the 80's, about the same wattage, nice but a little bright sounding to my ears. Built pretty well, the only way to know for sure is try it out and see how the Onkyo heats up. An older Harman Kardon, or some Adcom separates would probably be a step up.
I have a lot of vintage gear and Onkyo. While it might drive the Maggies ok, it is nowhere near as good as the Magnepans.