Vintage Mcintosh tuner

I would like to add a vintage Mcintosh tuner to my system. The Mcintosh MR-78 and 75 are my first choice tuners but I was also looking at some of the older Mcintosh tube tuners. Any advice would be appreciated.
I really enjoy my MR67. rich sound pulls in stations well and it hasnt been aligned. I do plan to it overhauled someday but it sounds so nice i dont want to give it up.
Two for sale in the classifieds right now.
You can't go wrong with the vintage tube tuners from McIntosh.I'm really enjoying a MR71. It has a warm,yet detailed sound,that's very listenable and it really pulls the stations in. I enjoy it way more than the MR77 or 78
which, in comparision are still good, but a bit brighter and less warm.
Depending on your system you might find that to work out better. Either way, vintage McIntosh offers a superior radio sound.

Here is a place that might give you some help LINK>>[]
Mac vintage gear seems to hold good resale.
I purchased an MR71 a year ago and absolutely love it. I still can,t beleive that a tuner that is over 40 years old can sound this good. It is built like a tank and the retro style looks beautiful... a piece of art! They don,t build them like this anymore.
I am happy with my stock MR-67. The good thing about classic McIntosh gear is that you can still have it serviced. Although I've never used him, I hear that Terry DeWick does a great job aligning and bringing McIntosh tuners up to spec.
   I have five Mac tuners...the MR-71, 74, 77, 78, and 80. I strongly recommend all but the MR-80. I can't recommend the MR-75  I have heard it and does not compare with other Mac tuners
I'm not sure why you don't like the MR-80, but I think it's one of the best FM tuners ever built.  I certainly plan to keep mine.