Vintage Mcintosh tuner

I would like to add a vintage Mcintosh tuner to my system. The Mcintosh MR-78 and 75 are my first choice tuners but I was also looking at some of the older Mcintosh tube tuners. Any advice would be appreciated.
I really enjoy my MR67. rich sound pulls in stations well and it hasnt been aligned. I do plan to it overhauled someday but it sounds so nice i dont want to give it up.
You can't go wrong with the vintage tube tuners from McIntosh.I'm really enjoying a MR71. It has a warm,yet detailed sound,that's very listenable and it really pulls the stations in. I enjoy it way more than the MR77 or 78
which, in comparision are still good, but a bit brighter and less warm.
Depending on your system you might find that to work out better. Either way, vintage McIntosh offers a superior radio sound.

Here is a place that might give you some help LINK>>[]
Mac vintage gear seems to hold good resale.
I purchased an MR71 a year ago and absolutely love it. I still can,t beleive that a tuner that is over 40 years old can sound this good. It is built like a tank and the retro style looks beautiful... a piece of art! They don,t build them like this anymore.
I am happy with my stock MR-67. The good thing about classic McIntosh gear is that you can still have it serviced. Although I've never used him, I hear that Terry DeWick does a great job aligning and bringing McIntosh tuners up to spec.
   I have five Mac tuners...the MR-71, 74, 77, 78, and 80. I strongly recommend all but the MR-80. I can't recommend the MR-75  I have heard it and does not compare with other Mac tuners
I'm not sure why you don't like the MR-80, but I think it's one of the best FM tuners ever built.  I certainly plan to keep mine.
  Cleeds, I did not say that I did not like the MR-80, only  that I did not strongly recommend it. 
I owned the MR-78 and really enjoyed the sound. However, the tuner inmy Sansui 9090db receiver is so far superior that it's laughable. (Yes the Mac was properly aligned and serviced by Mac) (which by the way is the best service I've ever received from
any manufacturer)

The main reason I bought the Mac tuner was to go with my C-29, and MC-2300.  So, if you must have a Mac then I would imagine that it's a matter of what looks and sounds best to you. Even though the 78 has a stellar reputation as macs best tuner, I own several who would argue that the  71 is superior. 


The MR-71 has tube electronics, so of course some will prefer it's sound character/quality to that of the solid state MR-78. The RF section of the MR-78, however, is superior to that of the 71 (higher alternate and adjacent selectivity, etc.), and to that of any other tuner you can name. Distant stations, or ones in a crowded metropolitan area (closely spaced in frequency), will be received with lower distortion and noise on the 78. It is in the area of RF performance that the 78 may be the best tuner ever available to consumers. That is a priority to some listeners, less so to others.
I own an MR78 and loving it. It has been one through with the caps being replaced. No problems recommending that tuner. The MR71 and MR67 are also quite good, albeit somewhat differently flavored (typical tubes v solid state stuff). Between the MR67 and MR71 I would pick the MR71. And if I were an equipment whore (please, no one be offended, I'm making fun of my past self) I would own my MR78 and an MR71! My days of owning multiple components in the same category are over. Well, almost- I do have 2 sets of headphones. 
McIntosh Audio carries a large pre-owned McIntosh equipment for sale that they state is "all cosmetically and electrically restored".  Their web site states "All are value added, spotless, tested to factory specifications, and warranted up to 1 year".  I have never use them but their list of equipment is impressive.

Audio Classics is another retailer that offers a wide section of McIntosh equipment for sale.  Both sites offer McIntosh repairs.

MR78 designer Richard Modaferri offers his update/optimization of the tuner through Audio Classics. He incorporates everything he has learned about tuner design since the tuner was introduced into his update, improving both the 78's RF performance and it's audio quality. He also installs new gold plated jacks in place of the original nickel-plated ones, tests the tuner and provides a written report of your 78's performance results, including charts and specs.
 Richard also modifies other McIntosh tuners. He did a mod on my MR74 last year, and it now sounds identical to my MR78.
  I have bought used McIntosh equipment from both mcintoshaudio and audioclassics. Both are outstanding retailers and offer great repair service on McIntosh equipment.