Vintage Mcintosh Speakers - your thoughts?

I am thinking of puting a vintage system together - possibly atound a Fisher 500 series receiver or other classic gear and am quite enamored of the look/style of vintage McIntosh speakers like the ML-1C. Does anyone have any thoughts/experience with this model or others in the vintage McIntosh lineup? .. and yes I do want to stick with vintage speakers - to my ears they still measure up to many of today's crop .... measurements aside!

Many thanks,

Those Mac spkrs. need the Mac equalizer. They'll tax severely, if not kill, any Fisher 500 unless you listen @ low levels.
Wasn't aware of that. Many thanks! Can you suggest other classic speakers that may be a better match?
jbl 4430/4435 studio monitor.
All the Mac speakers I ever heard were not very good. McIntosh should stick to building electronics and such, their speakers are decidedly second rate. IMHO, of course...

actually they are very good with big power.

I think that I sold you a pair of Heresys on teh Klipsch Forums. Heresys are great speakers atthat price point.

I bought my Heresys from a friend 20 years ago and sold them to another friend. Then, I moved into Cornwalls for a long time. Sorry, but it definitely wasn't you. However, it's amazing that this friend that sold me the Heresy's has been a friend for 35-40 years, moved to Georgia and I ran into him again a few years ago on audiogon! Small world.
Jaybo, I listened to the Mac speakers using very high-quality (and powerful) amplification. The KEFs, ADSs, and Spendors walked all over them, it was no contest. BTW, this listening was done while I was a salesman for a hi-end audio salon. I had lots of time on my hands during weekdays and I did a LOT of listening...