Vintage McIntosh Question

I have a C35 pre-amp & MC7270 Amp I bought new about 25 years ago. I've updated & upgraded my system & was wondering if having a Mac service center go over them would improve the sound.
The rest of my system consists of an Oppo BDP-95 Blue ray, Focal 1038BE speakers, & Morrow Audio MA3 I/C's & SP3 speaker wires.
I would. It is worth it....
At this point at this age they really need a bit of servicing. The big issue with older amps is usually capacitors but all of the parts need to be checked to make sure they are operating within spec and rebiasing needs to be done (even on transistors. It might be expensive but it is the right thing to do do
Great guy in San Diego. Google him. Forget his name but can do a complete end to end for a few hundred dollars.
Audio Classics near Binghamton,NY will service them for you.
I asked the same question of McIntosh, here is their response.

Hi Bill,

Nope there are no upgrades, they are still awesome units.

I tend to agree with the responses here.
I have 2 service centers within a reasonable driving distance.
Electric Clinic in Gaithersburg, MD & Music Tech in Springfield, VA. Anyone have any experience with either?
you may know, but DeWick is the best....
Audio Classics. These guys are ex Mac employees and they can even take you on a tour of the Mac factory. I stopped by there a few years ago and was flabbergasted at their operation. Tour busses full of Japanese tourists stop by this place. The amount of Mac gear sent to Japan is amazing. I would guess that's where most of their business comes from. Anyhow, even if you call Audio Classics just to get a second opinion it's worth it. Very nice group of Mac lovers. The amps are repaired by ex McIntosh engineers from what they told me.
I had my mc250 gone over by Terry DeWick. Very fair pricing,great work and very Honest. In KY if I recall...easy to find on Google. One of The Mac guys!
Guy in SD is Repairaudio. 6192829101.